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Dr. Keown offers one-on-one therapy sessions for adults (ages 18-65). Her work is grounded in traditional psychotherapy with a focus on Positive Psychology. As a generalist, Dr. Keown treats individuals with a wide range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and those looking to improve their life overall. This practice does not accept patients who may be suicidal, those who are in extreme crisis or considered severe, as there is no after-hours availability. Dr. Keown welcomes potential new patients to contact her to determine if Positive Living Psychotherapy is a good fit for you, and will offer a referral if another clinician may better meet your needs. The goal at Positive Living Psychotherapy is to move beyond symptom alleviation toward helping you live your best life.

Therapy sessions are scheduled Monday through Thursday and are usually 50 minutes in length including check out and scheduling. This practice does not file insurance; however, the necessary paperwork is provided to you should you choose to file your insurance. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash or personal check are accepted.

Insurance is not accepted or filed by this practice. Dr. Keown and Positive Living Psychotherapy are not in-network with any insurance companies. However, we provide you with all the documentation necessary to file out-of-network with your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you based on your plan benefits. Full payment is due at the time of your session. Feel free to call David Keenan at Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. at 1-888-734-0882 and he will be happy to check your out-of-network benefits.

Theoretical Views & Client Participation
It is my belief that as people become more aware and accepting of themselves, they are more capable of finding a sense of peace and contentment in their lives. However, self-awareness and self-acceptance are goals that may take a long time to achieve. Some clients need only a few sessions to achieve these goals, whereas others may require months of therapy. As a client, you may end your relationship with me at any point.
In order for therapy to be most successful, it is important for you to take an active role. This means working on the things you and I talk about both during and between sessions. Generally, the more of yourself you are willing to invest, the greater the return.

It is my intention to empower you in your growth process to the degree that you are capable of facing life’s challenges in the future without me. I also don’t believe in creating dependency or prolonging therapy if the therapeutic intervention does not seem to be helping. If this is the case, I will direct you to other resources that will be of assistance to you. Your personal development is my number one priority. My goal is to facilitate healing and growth, and I am very committed to helping you in whatever way may produce maximum benefit.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in my profession. I will always keep everything you say to me confidential in accordance with the Ethics Code of the American Psychological Association and the laws of the State of Georgia.

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